Long Thought Lost follows four people attempting to tidy up their messy lives. It’s an unorthodox drama with a sense of humour.


Max is a music-loving marketing executive. When he inherits the contents of his mother's apartment, he finds an unmarked vinyl LP of beautiful melancholy music. As the search for its origin challenges his identity, his dubious business practices threaten all he loves.

Ava is a respected student counsellor. In the space of one morning, she loses everything when publicly shamed by a petty and callous pupil. She attempts to rebuild her life as a self-help guru, but a reader’s deathbed questions make her doubt her own teachings.


Maddy is a fiery, unstable young woman with a large visible scar, who struggles to fit in thanks to a tragic past. Upon joining a radical gang of anti-corporate activists, she finds the belonging she’s craved. But by trusting a mysterious online mentor, her tenuous grasp on reality is shattered.


Jai lives in an Indian slum. While working as a phone scammer, a fortuitous call from a good Samaritan leads to study in Australia. Upon arrival, his determination to atone for his sins is tested by a lucrative yet shady opportunity.


After several surprising turns, the four interweaving narratives converge in a devastating yet ultimately hopeful finale. Long Thought Lost is about love, destruction, and the fireworks in between.

“No love, no friendship, can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever.”

- Francois Muriac -